Q-Do you allow local pickup?

A-No, we do not have an actual store front therefore cannot offer local pick up.  

Q-When will my product ship?

A-Products ship within 2 business days. Orders are not entered or shipped on Saturday or Sundays.  Orders placed on the weekend will have labels created, please allow 48 hours to ship. 

Q-When will I receive a tracking number?

A-Please allow 2 full business days to inquire, preferably the beginning of the 3rd business day.  

Q-How will I receive my tracking number?

A-All tracking numbers are provided in your account on OPDparts.com. You will receive an email notification once it is available. Please allow 48 hours for tracking updates.   

Q-Can we combine shipping?

A-Depending on what the items are its possible, in most cases we cannot due to size.  

Q-What method of Shipping do you use?

A-Shipping is FedEx only; including Canada shipments. USPS also used for APO's and certain products.  

Q-How long does shipping take?

A-West Coast shipping is 2-3 days. East Coast shipping is 5 business days.  

Q-Will you ship to an unconfirmed address?

A-No, in order to insure we must follow the PayPal guidelines and ship only to confirmed addresses. This includes international addresses.  

Q-I have condensation in my outer tail lights?

A-Please review your installation. If you have condensation in your outer taillight, it is most likely related to one of these two issues. Condensation is generally related to pinched wires in between the gasket and body the gasket or the outer bolt not being tightened until it comes to a complete stop. This allows water to seep into the housing and condensate. In this occurs, remove the light and dry it out completely. Use a hair dryer or sit it in the sun with the turn signal socket open so it circulates. Once 100% dry, re-install the light ensuring the wires are pulled all the way through and the bolt is turned to a complete stop by hand. If you have determined water is entering the light please provide video of the issue. The manufacture will only warranty condensation based upon physical proof there is a leak.  

Q- What is your return policy?

A- Refunds will be original purchase price minus original shipping cost and are subject to 20% restocking fee. Any returns must be unused with the ability to be sold as new. You must notify us within 7-days of receiving the product.  

Q-How are warranties handled?  

A- Original purchaser is responsible for shipping of the defective portion. Products are inspected and upon verification, a new replacement will be shipped free of charge if a repair cannot be made. Issues as a result of improper installation will not be covered by warranty. Core charges are not provided solely because an attempt to repair the defect must be performed.