Warranty Info

We provide a 1-year warranty on all items sold through OPDparts.com unless otherwise stated. Claims must be opened within the 1-year time frame and in the event the claim process extends over the 1-year, they will be honored. 

In the event a claim is processed, it is the responsibility of the buyer to return the item to the provided address within 30 days of receiving an RMA number. Items will not be shipped out prior to receiving the damaged item first. We do not accept core charges, sorry.

It is the vendors choice as to the remedy of the issue. The first step will be to attempt a fix or provide a fix. In the event the item is un-repairable, a replacement will be sent if it is available. The buyer is responsible for shipping to and from the vendor/manufacturer.

In the event an item is received damaged, this is not covered as a warranty. The item will need to be returned at the buyers expense and we will issue a replacement upon receipt of the damage item. OPDparts will provide replacement shipping from OPDparts to the customer only for the lower 48 states. OPDparts offers the lowest price possible, unlike competitors which may cover shipping both ways, that is built into the price you pay. 99% its an insurance you will never utilize, so we cut it out. 

By purchasing through OPDparts.com you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.